Nissan 240RS Plated, Limited Slip Differential Unit

As Pictured Below: a used Plated Type Limited Slip Differential Unit!.... SOLD!

This item is no longer available, but the page and pictures have been left for reference to aid anyone restoring the same...


This unit looks to have had little or no use, and if it wasn't for the fact that it had bearings pressed onto it I would say that it was probably unused!

Plated LSD


The bearings look to have been run, but there is no obvious sign that a Crown Wheel has ever been bolted onto this unit, even the silicon sealing the screws that hold the unit together and would be under the crown wheel is still opaque!

It is engraved 4.59 on its edges, so if it has been run it was probably with a 4.59 CWP.

So although the unit looks to have had very little use, it will be sold as a used competition unit for rebuild and therefore it is recomended that it is checked before re-use.


This Differential is of the Plated LSD Type, and is the first choice for a Full Blown Competitive Group B Rally Car!


Again very difficult to find, and probably worth much more than the asking price, which is comparable to the used price of say an Escort or Astra LSD!

These Units are hard to find and don't stay in stock very long even when used!

Buy This Differential Quick before someone else does and gets the benefit of its brilliant characteristics!.......SOLD!

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